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Pest Control San Antonio, TX

We are San Antonio’s premier pest control service provider. Our team is here for all of your pest control needs. We offer different services to help you eliminate any pests, such as rats or mice, spiders, bed bugs, scorpions, etc. We can do it all. Get in touch with us for your pest control needs today.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be a real nuisance especially when they invade your bedroom and cannot seem to go away.

Pest Control

We are your one-stop-shop for pest control services.

Rodent Control

Rodents can pose a serious threat to your home or business.

Who We Are

I am a licensed, trained professional who will do everything I can to eliminate any pests you may be experiencing. I know how to deal with every type of pest, even the most resistant and hard to exterminate, from bed bugs to rodents, spiders, ants, bees, and more.

Bed bug extermination in San Antonio, TX

We understand the struggle our clients face with bed bug infestations, which is why we offer effective and safe pest control services in San Antonio, TX. Utilizing proven methods such as insecticides, our team is dedicated to eliminating bed bugs from your home or office. We offer the most competitive rates for bed bug extermination in San Antonio. Contact us today for a complimentary quote and estimate.

No one should have to live in pain and fear every night! Bed bugs are “hitch-hikers,” they latch onto you from somewhere else and hitch a ride home. It is almost impossible to figure out exactly where they came from originally, but the most common places are going to be either hotels, restaurants, or any public waiting area. We are firm believers in charging an affordable price. Some companies like to charge into the thousands for bed bug treatment and take advantage of you in your time of need – I would never feel comfortable doing that to you and your family. I have been treating and getting rid of bed bug infestations for over 5 years! I absolutely guarantee my work, and I know I can help you and your family. Your Pest is our Quest!

Pest control near me in San Antonio, TX

Rest assured, when you are searching for an exterminator in San Antonio, we are the most trusted team in pest management and we can take care of whatever pest issue you are facing in either your business or your home. Pests can cause health issues, property damage, disruption of regular activities, and not to mention an unhappy family. No one wants that! We pride ourselves on providing top tier pest control treatment, 5-star customer service, and knowledgable approaches to your pest issues.

If you’re looking for a local, family owned and operated company to take care of your pest issues, look no further! Rat King Pest Control is here to make Your Pest Our Quest!

The Owner of Rat King Pest Control
Sarah Solombrino
Sarah Solombrino
They are so amazing! They took the time to talk to me about the process and answer any questions I had. They IMMEDIATELY came back to help me when I found a dying rat due to the effective treatment. They didn’t even laugh at my ridiculousness. I love this company!
Katrina Salters
Katrina Salters
Everything about this company is on point. Very nice people and excellent business morals .
Robert Travis
Robert Travis
We were having a few cockroach and scorpion sightings and we found Rat King Pest Control via Nextdoor. Keri was very responsive to my inquiries and provided information about what they could do to help us. Roger showed up on time and was very informative about his process and was thorough. We had a few cockroach sightings about 6 weeks later and they came back, no cost, to respray. Our 2nd quarter visit, we had recent mice problems and Roger gave great advice on how to help. Highly recommend!
Darla Spencer
Darla Spencer
We really appreciate Roger at Ratking! He understands your needs, we have quick results, and they use safe products as we have indoor animals! Thank you Ratking 👍🏼
raeanna elicia
raeanna elicia
After discovering bed bugs in our home we had gotten quotes from other companies like Terminix, who had someone come out and after looking at a mattress and glancing around a single room, quoted us upwards of $2300-$2800. I had heard about Rat King through a local Facebook page and texted Keri- she was immediately so responsive and friendly! When Roger had came out to look at the home he went through every room, checked every mattress and sheet, checked CHAIRS, curtains, blankets, the couches, corners of the walls, base boards, ALL OF IT. He was so knowledgeable and was spitting facts the whole time too, which helped us stay informed about the process. When he had given us our price before he left my jaw dropped because it was actually affordable and realistic- as we are a young family with a new baby and needed something that fit our budget. Both Keri and Roger have been amazing throughout the entire process and we also have Roger coming every few months for our quarterly pest services. We will never use another company again!
erica lea l
erica lea l
We had a problem with German roaches for years. Nothing worked until they came. I will definitely be recommending them to everyone.
Ashley Reyes
Ashley Reyes
We were very pleased with Keri and Roger and their pest control business. Roger arrived on time and explained everything very thoroughly. He even came back for a second treatment last minute because we were still having issues. I will definitely recommend this business to friends and family.
Linda Galvan
Linda Galvan
I personally have used Rat King Pest Control and few times and would highly recommend to anyone. The customer service is beyond helpful and with great gratitude I would recommended their services to anyone in need! They’re # 1 to us! Thank you so much Roger and Keri. ❤️
Jacob Cisnero
Jacob Cisnero
Roger And Keri are absolutely amazing. Roger was very polite, thorough, and informative. He came in, did a lot phenomenal job. Keri, showed amazing customer service to my family while on the phone, very sweet and polite and answered the phone in a quickly matter every time we called. Thank y’all! Highly recommend!

Rodent control in San Antonio, TX

They pose a threat to property, transmit diseases, and can contaminate food. If you suspect a rodent infestation on your premises, swift action is crucial. We specialize in rat control in San Antonio, TX, focusing on rats and mice. Our skilled team is equipped to address these rodent issues effectively. Services include trapping, exclusion, and preventive measures. While we provide a 6-month guarantee for our treatment, we do not guarantee that rodents will never return. However, we offer bait station refills upon request.

There’s a reason I earned the title of Rat King. No infestation is too small or too big for my treatment! I have studied and researched their habits, likes, and dislikes for many years, and have gotten rid of countless infestations and reclaimed many homes from these uninvited guests for my clients. We absolutely guarantee our work, and we know we can help you and your family! Your Pest is our Quest! 

Roaches control in San Antonio, TX

Dealing with a roach infestation can be a nightmare. They multiply quickly and can be challenging to eliminate completely. We offer professional roaches control, using the latest techniques and products to get rid of these bugs. Our service includes treating both the inside and outside of your home or business, targeting breeding grounds and entry points to ensure complete removal. Don’t let roaches take over your home or business, call us today for expert help.

There are 4 types of commonly found roaches in our area. The most commonly found roach is the American roach – it is the largest of the 4, an auburn brown color, flies, and usually scares people the most! Oriental roaches are a tiny bit smaller than the American roach, and are black and brown in color. Brown-Banded roaches are the least common of the 4, and are about half an inch large with a gold to glossy brown coloring with golden bands at the base of their abdomen. The American, Oriental, and Brown-Banded roaches are found inside and outside of your home, and can be treated with either a one time treatment, or we can set you up on a recurring treatment. German roaches are the very tiny roaches that infest kitchens and bathrooms, and are predominantly an indoor pest – they also require their own special treatment to be rid of them. If any of these vermin are vexing you, I can help you rest easy! Your Pest is our Quest!

Spider removal services in San Antonio, TX

Spiders are not just pesky pests living on the walls; they are dangerous predators who can cause serious harm to any family member. It’s best not to take pest control into your own hands. When it comes to spider extermination, let our experts handle the problem and get them out of your living space for good. We offer spider extermination services to get rid of these pests once and for all.

There are over 900 species of spiders in our great state of Texas. Some are big, some are small, and only 2 types are considered venomous to humans. Those two types are the black widow and the brown recluse spider! Spiders thrive in damp, dark environments, and like to hide in what they believe to be an isolated space. When you experience an unwanted house guest of the arachnoid-kind, give us a call and I will take care of it right away! I always provide experience-based knowledge on best practices to limit them in your home and yard. Your Pest is our Quest!

Our service includes but not limited to

Ant control and extermination services
Residential pest control service
Commercial pest control service
Cockroach infestation treatment
Bed bug treatment
Spider removal service, etc.

No pest is problematic for us to exterminate. Give us a call and trust our service to get rid of any type of pest invading your home or office.

Why choose

Rat King Pest Control?

While we know there are many options for exterminators in San Antonio, here at Rat King Pest Control, you and your family always come first. We strive to provide you with the best experience you could possibly ever have. We only use products that we are absolutely confident in for their effectiveness and safety around your family and pets. We do everything we can to educate you and provide knowledge based treatment. We are just a small town family working hard to serve yours! Let us do what we do best, which is to make Your Pest Our Quest!

Owner of Rat King Pest Control

Environmentally-friendly pest control

Our pest management treatments for both residential and commercial customers are safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and will leave your home or office free from pests like ants, spiders, you name it. When you call our San Antonio exterminators, you can be confident that your family and pets are safe. We use EPA and Dept of Agriculture approved chemicals and products for effective treatment and extermination.

We are a local pest control specialist

With in-depth experience and industry expertise, we have dealt with every type of pest you could think of. We understand the best treatment for specific pests and how to prevent the most persistent pests. Hiring Rat King Pest Control for any type of service gives you the certainty that nothing would go wrong with the control and extermination of any pest infestation.

We are licensed and certified

Our professionals are licensed and certified, ensuring you will receive top-quality service from start to finish. At Rat King Pest Control, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We will ensure we provide you with the best value for your money and guarantee service delivery.

Contact us Today!

Professional pest control service in San Antonio, TX

Hiring the right team for your pest control needs, can make a huge difference in your extermination in San Antonio, TX. With Rat King Pest Control, you can be sure of receiving professional pest control services. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-quality service, ensuring that your home or business is free from any pesky invaders. Call us today for a free estimate and let us take care of all your pest control and extermination in San Antonio, TX.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What range of pest control services does Rat King Pest Control offer?
Rat King Pest Control provides a wide array of pest control services in San Antonio, TX, including bed bug extermination, rodent control, roaches control, spider removal, ant control, and more for both residential and commercial properties.
Yes, Rat King Pest Control uses environmentally friendly, EPA and Dept of Agriculture approved chemicals and products that are safe and effective, ensuring the safety of your family and pets while effectively handling pest infestations.
You can easily get a free estimate for your pest control needs by contacting Rat King Pest Control via phone or text at 210-876-9603, or by requesting it through their website.
Rat King Pest Control is a local, family-owned and operated company that prioritizes customer satisfaction, providing top-quality, licensed, and certified pest control services. They are known for their expertise, environmentally-friendly treatments, and commitment to customer education.
Yes, Rat King Pest Control guarantees their work, offering a 6-month guarantee for rodent treatment, while ensuring the highest standards in pest control and extermination services.
Yes, with extensive experience and industry expertise, Rat King Pest Control is equipped to manage every type of pest, including ants, spiders, bed bugs, rodents, roaches, and more, ensuring comprehensive pest control solutions for any issue.